Friends And Expatriates:

This page is just for you.

Leben lieben lernen - Learn to Love Your Life is 

a Non 12 Step Alternative.

We are in Frankfurt the only one Self Help and

Recovery Group beside the AA's (english spoken).

Recovering alcoholic and addicts share their

experience, strenght and hope. This group is

meant to help those who are recovering from

a hopeless state of mind.


Anyone and everyone can escape the hell that

addiction has created for then and their families

                                               if they dare to take that first big step -

                                               reaching out for and accepting help. (Betty Ford)

          We invite you and your family who wishes to share his

          or her own experiences in the disease of addiction and

          the process of recovery. And we promise we will really

          take care of you.


          If you're serious about getting sober - join us. We'll wait

          for you. Have a great and sober day.


          Please call (Michael: 0162-9691347) or write a mail.

          Michael is a Member of Addiction Recovery Professionals and

          has several Certificates of Completion as a Professional In

Residence at the Betty Ford Center and the Betty Ford Institute in Rancho Mirage, Calif. USA and CPRC Certified Peer Recovery Coach by the IC&RC International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium, USA. Michael is Founder, CEO and Counselor at ZenSIS Psychosocial Addiction Counseling Center in Frankfurt, Germany.


Have a look at Michael's story in Heroes In Recovery:



Betty Ford 1918 - 2011

I am deeply touched and saddened about Betty Ford's death.

I honor Betty Ford every day for what she did over so many

years and for so many people worlwide in the field of

Addiction Disease and Humanism. All my thoughts and

prayers go out to the Ford Family and close friends.


Michael Roth, July 8th 2011